Evidenced-Based Public Health

The Mississippi Public Health Institute is committed to an evidence-based approach to public health practice that leverages successful policies and programs to make improvements to the public’s health both statewide and in local areas. Staff at MSPHI works with employees at the Mississippi State Department of Health state and district offices to learn more about making decisions based on the most current, available scientific evidence through a course called Evidenced-Based Public Health: A Course in Chronic Disease Prevention.
There are seven content areas covered in this course which aim to improve public health practice:

Community assessment
Quantifying the issue
Developing a concise statement of the issue
Determining what is known using scientific literature
Developing and prioritizing program and policy options
Developing an action plan and implementing an intervention
Evaluating the program or policy

It is also important to engage the community in decision making and disseminate information about what was learned from the process and the program.
The MSPHI staff conduct a Evidenced Based Public Health 101 with each group before the training to help introduce the concept and help the staff understand how these concepts relate to their work at the Mississippi State Department of Health as well as in their communities. For more information about this course please contact MSPHI at msphiorg@gmail.com or visit the National Association of Chronic Disease Director’s website: Evidenced Based Public Health Training

MSPHI Program Manager Anna Lyn Whitt talks with staff in MSDH District V about the importance of Evidenced Based Public Health

Evidenced Based Public Health Training 101

Evidenced Based Public Health Training 101