MSPHI Serves the People of Mississippi

The Mississippi Public Health Institute (MSPHI) formed in late summer 2011 to enhance health programming and support existing public health efforts in Mississippi. MSPHI serves as a member of the National Networks of Public Health Institutes, MSPHI works in partnership with other members and national partner organizations. The Institute, a non-profit organization, seeks to identify public health priorities for Mississippi while pursuing resources, partnerships, and collaborative efforts to address gaps in public health services, research, and education across the state. MSPHI has a broad health focus that includes the areas of chronic disease, access to care, and public health workforce development.

As independent nonprofits, public health institutes are well-situated to provide non-biased analysis and engage multiple stakeholders in discussion and action. Public health institutes (PHIs) are uniquely situated to engage a broad range of stakeholders—from grassroots non-profits to government agencies—in discussion and action to make communities healthier. The health expertise of their staffs—complemented by their capacity to devote extensive resources into cultivating relationships among diverse groups—makes PHIs ideal convening agencies.

The MSPHI looks forward to working with various partners and key stakeholders to develop and strengthen systems that address the most pressing health needs in Mississippi. MSPHI serves to maintain a portfolio of competencies, including: population-based health program delivery; health policy; training and technical assistance; research and evaluation; health informatics; health communications; social marketing; administrative management; strategic planning; and collaborative leadership.