The Mississippi Behavioral Health Learning Network (MSBHLN) was established by the Mississippi Public Health Institute (MSPHI) in July 2017 in a partnership with the Mississippi Department of Mental Health, Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Services (MSDMH BADS) to provide professional and workforce development to behavioral health providers in the state of Mississippi.

The trainings developed by the MSPHI are designed to help professionals gain a better understanding of substance abuse prevention and substance use disorder treatment, assist with acquisition of current strategies and to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to effectively and efficiently perform the responsibilities of their jobs.

We are committed to ensuring that we continue to work toward a unified system of prevention and treatment for substance abuse in Mississippi.

MSBHLN training offers an assortment of relevant and current training modules applicable to the behavioral health profession. In addition to our in-person training, MSBHLN offers an online training network through web-based training, webinars and self-paced learning modules. In addition, many of our training modules provide continuing education credits in multiple disciplines.

The educational purpose of the MSBHN is to offer professionals and practitioners the opportunity to enhance their knowledge, improve their skills, exchange information on best practices and learn strategies to incorporate the latest research and new trends in their practice.